Learn About Us
Welcome! Hello, my name is Travis "The Coffee Man" Estes, Co-Founder and Owner of Busy Bean Coffee, Inc 

I would like to welcome you to learn more about Busy Bean Coffee and just like you are business is getting killed. We get it..

What we do:
Busy Bean Coffee provides specialty coffee programs to restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, cafes, bakeries and delis. 

What is specialty coffee:
Specialty coffee are drinks such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and Cafe Mocha and it is the fastest growing segment of the hot-beverage market.

What we ask:
Leave your name and email...that is it. And we will send you some more information that can make 2021 a different kind of year.

Why Now:
It seems like a weird time to purchase new equipment and start a new coffee program. We know, we hear this every single day. But just hear us out for a second.

What are the details:
It's your job to maximize profitability in every inch of your facility. However not all foodservice equipment is revenue producing. But this is different...Specialty Coffee is the fastest growing segment of the Hot Beverage market and is extremely profitable.

Our machine has a small footprint (16 inches) and is extremely easy to use. It requires no training to use and is self-cleaning.

All you have to do is push a button...the machine does the rest.

If you can sell 20 specialty coffee drinks per day you will net over 240% ROI in year One and we will show you how.
High ROI
Push a button and the machine will take over from there. Our barista machine is run by a computer system creating a consistently delicious drink time and time again.
No Barista Training needed
Our machine can be set to clean itself on your schedule. Easily programmable to set cleaning at the time of the day that works best for you.
Our intuitive touch screen is easy to use and visually stunning perfect for front or back of the house.
10 " Touch-Screen
Our all-inclusive specialty coffee program will have you making money immediately. There is no special training required. We will provide all the sales material and table talkers at no charge. We will also throw in 10 lbs of Italian Espresso Beans, 12 lbs of cappuccino creamer, 12 lbs of Hot Chocolate and 12 lbs of French Vanilla Cappuccino flavoring.
Specialty Coffee with the push of a button
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